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From a very young age I have always had an interest in the Civil War.  Which is odd because I have never had an affinity for either guns or violence, but something about the Civil War drew me in.  I guess because it was (and still is) about much more than guns and violence.  It was a war about ideas. And during those four tumultous years there was not a person living in this country that wasn't in some way touched by the hand of war.  It is a story on a grand scale, of millions of people fighting for a cause for which they believed, juxtaposed, on a smaller scale, against the individuals.  Of fathers and sons, husbands and brothers, uncles, nephews and cousins who went to war and the mothers, wives, sisters, aunts and nieces who stayed home to mind the store or tend the farm waiting for their loved onces to return and living in fear from one day to the next, that they may not.  It is a story of politics and policies, of military misteps and triumph, victories and defeats.  It is a story of hope and unfulfilled dreams - of what might have been.  It is a story of life and death.

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Transcribed Records

Byrd, Daniel - Company I, 7th Missouri State Militia Cavalry

Cottew, James - Battery C, 1st Illinois Light Artillery

Luce, Alonzo - Company B, 19th Illinois Infantry

Luce, William S. - Company K, 9th Illinois Cavalry
- Muster Rolls - (Coming Soon....)

Sword, William H. - Company K., 39th Kentucky Mounted Infantry



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