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For as long as I can remember all I've really ever wanted to do was write.  When I was in high school I wrote 3 three-act plays, the first of which, Going Through The Motions, my high school decided to produce.  They paid me $43.85... this arbitrary figure was arrived at by using the date of the first performance on the 4th day of the 3rd month of 1985.

Convinced by my parents that I could never make a living at writing, I joined the Air Force.  Four years later I camehome to Iowa and began working in a factory while I went to school on a part time basis.  The end result of this is that I really didn't write any thing for 10 years.  It has only been in the last two years that I began to look seriously at writing.

I have temporarily shelved my Civil War novel titled "Angels Of Our Nature.Right now I am working on another novel, "Dirty Laundry" which follows the antics of John King and his soon to be ex-wife, Regina along with a whole slew of other charactors.  At this writing (on the 10th of March in the year 2005) I have written 21,000 words with a goal of not less than 50,000... so I'm not quite half way done.


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